Arthritis in horses, as with people, is extremely debilitating as well as painful. It leads to lameness, loss of performance and sometimes decline in use. The NHC Cyclo-Therapy® will not be a cure but it will help enormously with the symptoms. Regular use of the Niagara Equissage equipment will help keep it at bay.

Whatever joint it may be, the stifle, the hock for instance, you need to use the hand unit as well as the Niagara Equissage Pulse® Digital back pad. The easiest example would be for arthritis in the knee. Place the unit directly on the knee placing your hand on the opposite side. You will be able to feel the therapy working. Work right into the arthritic area at least twice a day and certainly before exercise. It will help break down the crystallisation in the joint and help mobilise fluid.


Hoof abscesses occur when bacteria get trapped between the sensitive laminae (the tissue layer that bonds the hoof capsule to the coffin bone) and the hoof wall or sole. The bacteria creates pus, which builds up and creates pressure behind the hoof wall. This pressure can become extremely painful for your horse.

Niagara Equissage Pulse Digital can be tremendously helpful when you have an abscess the farrier will help to cut it out and you will find it is full of pus which you will put a poultice boot on it to help draw this out. However, before you do this use the hand unit in the bulb of the heal and leave it there for around 5 minutes and you will see the pus draw out which is incredibly effective in helping speed up the healing process.


Kissing spines can be the result of a variety of factors, including poor saddle fit and improper training that allows the horse to carry itself with its head up, back hollow and not engaging the muscles in its core. Kissing spines is very painful and may show early signs through the horse resenting grooming, especially the back area, drops or dips when the saddle is put on or makes it difficult to mount. In some cases, the bones fuse. Early diagnosis can really help.

The good news however is that Niagara Equissage Pulse® Digital can be enormously helpful relaxing the muscles along the back. Whilst this is not a cure for kissing spines it will help the horse tremendously. Work with the hand unit directly along the back to let the muscles relax and take the inflammation out of the spine, especially where the bones are touching. This needs to be carried out whilst also using the back pad and preferably perform two therapy sessions a day.


Lymphangitis occurs when the horse’s lymphatic system isn't working correctly. The lymphatic system works through movement. Lymphangitis is where one limb, usually the hind limb, becomes hard and swollen due to the build-up of the body’s toxins in that limb. It is extremely Important to disperse this as effectively as you can.

Using the Niagara Equissage Pulse® Digital back pad it will already be working on the lymphatic system. Using the portable hand unit you will find that you can work directly on the swollen and hard area and work right through the painful swollen leg.

When the horse is used to it and happy with it, you can use the hand unit in the leg boot on the hind leg. What is important is that you spend time working through it until the lymphatic system has cleansed these toxins. This will need ongoing treatment.


A lot of problems in the gait of the horse and head carriage are from problems in the poll and we can really help with these. Using the hand unit in Isolation in the poll you will see instant results. The horse will gradually relax, this also helps with horses that hang or are fighting the bit and helps them become more comfortable and relaxed.

A very good sign is when the horse shakes his head following treatment. We suggest that you apply the therapy for around 5 minutes in order to start seeing the benefits and change in your horse.


Thick winded horses, bleeders and mucus on the lungs are all things that need treating.

Firstly, make sure that you are using the pad, this will work deep into the lungs. Where bleeders are concerned, in a lot of cases this can be caused by stress, if we can open up the lung capacity to the maximum and open up the capillaries it really does help lessen it. If you have mucus in there it needs shifting.

Take the hand unit and run it slowly up the windpipe and into the soft pallet area about five times, being careful to leave your thumb between the bone and the unit so that it’s not banging against the jaw bone. If your horse is suffering or prone to suffer from any of these conditions, the therapy is extremely effective with most respiratory issues, but requires regular use and patience.


Where tendon and ligament issues are concerned it is Important to note that in the acute phase the horse will need to be iced. Ice the leg and don't touch it with the therapy until the acute phase has passed.

When you are happy that the acute phase has passed, firstly you can bring down swelling, break down scar tissue and speed up the natural healing process by bringing blood to the affected area.

The easiest way to do this is by using the portable hand unit in the leg boot. Use this twice a day for around 5 minutes at a time, on a low to medium setting. Starting low and moving up to medium. The difference in speeding up healing process is fantastic.

During this process your horse may well be on box rest. During box rest the lymphatic system closes down and by using the pad everyday it will give your horse a cardiovascular workout which keeps the lymphatic system, lungs and muscles actually worked. So, when your horse comes back from injury, they will recover much quicker.


Tying up or Azoturia is a build-up of lactic acid. It ends up creating a very hard area in the hind quarters and the horse will find it difficult to move which can seriously affect performance. It is also known as ‘Monday morning sickness’ because it’s a build-up of protein in some cases where the horse hasn't had enough exercise. Some horses are simply prone to it, but you will find that the pad helps enormously.

The first thing to do is to break down the lactic acid using the Niagara Equissage Pulse® Digital back pad and the hand unit in isolation right on top of the area. This is extremely effective as well as being preventative for the condition.