LungXL Triple-Strength Paste Respiratory Support

One Serving for One Horse. Cost per Day: £19.50 / €22.50
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✓ Reduces bleeding from EIPH.

✓  Supports healthy lung function in race & competition horses.

✓ Provides essential support to blood vessels during strenuous exercise.

✓ Optimised respiratory for exercising horses.


LungXL is a natural, safe & effective formula which provides lung and blood vessel support for competition and race horses. 

LungXL paste combines the most researched ingredients for maintaining healthy lungs during strenuous exercise into one easy top-dress powder formula. LungXL is a high potency formula for lung and capillary support in performance horses. 

The formula provides Yunnan Baiyao and Hesperidin, along with essential vitamins and nutrients, for optimal lung support for exercising horses. This product contains high potency amounts of 8,000 mg Yunnan Baiyao and 1,000 mg Hesperidin per serving.  This a high dose capillary support for horses and all ingredients are scientifically tested.

Bleeding due to EIPH (exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage) is one
of the most costly and debilitating health issues directly related to horse racing.

Even though bleeding is most often considered a problem for racehorses, EIPH also affects other equine athletes. In fact eventing horses commonly suffer from bleeding during competition and workouts.

There are no banned substances and it  is manufactured in the USA.

Event horses

Optimised respiratory for exercising horses
Maximum triple-strength easy-to-use formula in syringe
Free from banned substances - 100% Drug Free
Pre-race or event formula for respiratory and blood vessel support in horses

Significantly reduces bleeding from EIPH
Supports healthy lung function in race & competition horses
Provides essential support to blood vessels during strenuous exercise
Free from banned substances – 100% Drug-Free


LungXL is available in a single syringe 60cc, one serving for one horse or a Multipack 40 syringes x 60cc, 40 servings for one horse.

Adult Horses = 1 triple-strength syringe before racing or exercise


Active Ingredients:
Proprietary Blend
Yunnan Baiyao, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar 75%

Inactive Ingredients:
Dextrose, Glycerine, Xanthan Gum, Pantothenic Acid, Corn Oil

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