Supplementing for Success

Supplementing for Success

Supplementing for Success

Our customers want results no matter which discipline they are competing in.  Our role is to play a part in helping them achieve their results.

We have been developing a range of Immun-Ocean products for specific customer requirements and we are incredibly proud of the recent Breeze Ups results from our customers.  All of these Breeze Up horses have been fed on one of our new products, Immun-Ocean Gastro Extra Probiotic.

Three of the most successful Breeze Up consignors in 2024 are Station Yard, Oaktree Stables and Greenhill Farm.  They had head liners in each of the major sales.

All these horses looked fantastic and breezed in eye catching times.  They all had one thing in common:  They were fed on Immun-Ocean Gastro Extra Probiotic.

In the Guineas Breeze Ups at Tattersalls, Francesca and Charlie Nimmo from Station Yard Racing had 6 figure lots.  So did Norman and Janet Williamson from Oaktree Farm and Katie Walsh and the team at Greenhills Farm Bloodstock. 

At the Arqana sales in Deauville, Norman Williamson had a record sale for a Justify colt bought by Godolphin to be trained by Charlie Appleby who trained Native Trail, another superstar from Oaktree Farm. 

"Those horses that we have had on Immun-Ocean Gastro Extra Probiotic have thrived since I started feeding it to them and it really shows in their overall health and condition," says Norman.

Gastro Extra Probiotic optimises gastric health.  It is a significant nutrient boost and supports healthy coat shine.  The magnesium stabilises mood and aids calming. It is also a great support for keeping muscle loose and flexible.

This daily multifactorial supplement has been developed for high performance horses and is designed to support their overall well-being as well supporting their gastric health and helping to keep gastric ulcers at bay.

Prebiotics support the hind gut and help with digestion of fiber and the assimilation of nutrients.

Probiotics encourages the growth of friendly bacteria for regular gut function, which allows the horse maximum utilisation of the feed. 

KSB Equine helping horses stay healthy inside and out.