Immun-Ocean GASTRO EXTRA PROBIOTIC Equine Supplement for Gastric Issues

100 Days Supply for One Horse

COST PER DAY: Gastro Extra Probiotic: £1.55 / €1.65


✓ Consistent performance.

✓ Supports gastric health.

✓ Supports athletic effort & recovery times.

✓ Helps with calming.

✓ For horses with ongoing gastric issues.


GASTRO EXTRA PROBIOTIC is specially formulated for performance and all horses with ongoing gastric issues. It is a 100% natural feed supplement comprising of Ascophyllum Nodosum and Lithothamnium which provides a formulated balance of vitamins and minerals. It is a natural approach to supporting the proper, efficient process of equine digestion, providing gastric and hind gut comfort.

Lithothamnium provides a rich supply of minerals including 32 trace elements.This naturally balanced mix of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants helps to maintain a healthy immune system and gut environment and aids the overall well-being of competition horses.

Gastro Extra Probiotic contains soothing properties to help maintain intestinal health as well as a healthy balanced digestive system. Gastro Plus Probiotic encourages the growth of friendly bacteria for regular gut function, which allows the horse maximum utilisation of the feed.

The Omega 3 fatty acids in Gastro Extra Probiotic are known for their uses in supporting brain health and aiding concentration levels resulting in consistent performance. The Omega 3 fatty acids have natural soothing properties which work quickly to ease stiffness, allowing your horse to move more freely.

Natural MSM is a natural organic sulphur and is abundantly found in Ascophyllum. It helps to maintain healthy and flexible joints, offering your horse both short and long-term joint support.

With optimum levels of magnesium to help with nerve and muscle function this product contains no listed banned substances and is suitable for horses competing at all levels.

Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed from the cold North Atlantic has been used for centuries as a natural source feed supplement, low in iodine and rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is composed of 48 elements, 16 amino acids and 11 vitamins.

The macro algae is hand harvested in accordance with traditional and sustainable methods that have been used for centuries along the Atlantic coastline of Ireland.

Lithothamnium Calcareum is a red algae belonging to the Corallinaceae family. It grows extremely slowly, giving it time to filter and absorb large quantities of sea nutrients.

Feed Gastro Extra Probiotic for total gut health.  This is a must have multifactorial daily gut supplement for gut health.

Powered by Irish goodness for naturally healthy horses.

High performance horses
Show Jumpers & Eventers
Stallions & Broodmares
Polo ponies

Immune support
Aids digestion
Allows maximum utilisation of the feed
Aids flexible joints
Helps with ongoing gastric issues
Healthy gut flora

Consistent performance
Supports intestinal health
Helping with stress
Increased protection from gastric issues


GASTRO EXTRA PROBIOTIC is available in 5kg tubs (100 days supply for one horse).

1 scoop = 25g

Adult Horses = 1 Scoop twice per day mixed with regular feed.

Introduce gradually over 7/10 days.

Concentrated supplement – not to be fed ad lib. Mix well before use and store in a cool, dry place.


COMPOSITION Seaweed Meal (Ascophyllum Nodosum), Lithothamnium, Magnesium Oxide, Veg Oil &Fat (Flax Oil). Gastro Probiotic includes enhanced levels of SC at a rate of 750g total inclusion.

DIGESTIBILITY ENHANCERS Saccharomyces Cerevisiae NCYC Sc 47/CNCM I-4407 (4b1702) 1010CFU/g.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Crude ash 62% Crude fibre 7.7% Crude protein 2.6% Crude fat 2.18% Sodium 1.41%.

These unique macro algae blends naturally contain calcium, magnesium, copper and omega 3.

Immun-Ocean Gastro does not contain any ingredient known to contravene the Jockey Club, FEI or BSJA rules. Immun-Ocean Gastro Extra Probiotic is free of all contaminants.

Note: the values listed above are typical. Components of Immun-Ocean Gastro Extra Probiotic are natural products of marine origin and as such, are subject to seasonal variation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Coral Floyd
Helped turn my boy around quickly.

I brought my old horse back, he was in a very sorry state and I needed to get him healthy again. I called KSB for advice and we decided this was the best product for him. Wow, he's put weight on, and his coat and eyes are brighter again he's fed a basic feed no need for expensive brands when he's getting everything he needs from his supplement! Photos are when he arrived, 1 week later, 3 weeks, 5 weeks and 7 weeks.

Tom Clover Racing
Great gut supplement

This product has got better and we have been very happy with the Immun-Ocean Gastro for the last couple of years. The addition of Extra Probiotic just takes it up a knotch.