Equissage Pulse Hand Unit

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For localised treatment of joints and muscles. LED display for power settings. LED timer. Lightweight battery lasts 4 hours before recharging.

The Hand Unit contains the following setting options: Cycloid-Action, Poly Modulation or Relaxing.

The cycloid setting is standard and delivers a constant speed motion. The vibration produces an elliptical, 3 dimensional wave moving up and down left to right in a circular motion all at the same time. The end result is a deep, penetrating tissue and muscular massage which has no harmful side effects.

The Poly Modulation setting provides a deeper surging action, best used when extra stimulation is required. It is a great therapy setting to use when increased stimulation to tissue, fluids and muscle groups is required. It is also an ideal setting for conditions that involve rehabilitation of muscles, ligaments and tendons

The Relaxing Rhythm produces slow-moving, rhythmical waves of cycloidal vibration which penetrate deeply into the tissue producing a hypnotic effect on the nervous system.