The horse’s immune system is both complex and efficient. Designed to protect your horse from Viruses and bacteria to toxins and environmental threats.  A healthy immune system is the starting block to a healthy horse.

Stress is one of the greatest risks to the immune system. As well as the common stresses, like, training, travel and illness, a lot of horses can be dealing with stress that we do not always notice. The weather at this time of year, the change in turnout routine and not being fed adequately, can all add to the stresses placed on the immune system.

PURE contains a vitamin and mineral-rich Ascophyllum seaweed and garlic, providing a balanced blend of vital-nutrients. This naturally balanced mix of chelated minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants helps to promote a healthy immune system and gut environment and aids the overall well-being of the horse.

Whether your horse has a demanding competition schedule or spends most of their time relaxing out to grass, their immune system is of the utmost importance.

Your horses can benefit from all this and more, research has shown there are many nutritional benefits to feeding this unique supplement. Take a look at our full range of supplements at