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Alan King - Racehorse trainer

“With Immun-Ocean Gastro, I know my horses stay healthy and hold their form. Great value too.”


Alan King - Racehorse trainer

“Since we have been using this supplement we have found it to be extremely effective, there is no doubt that the horses have lasted the season better as we had the most successful March and April since I took out a training licence.”


Michael Bell - Racehorse Trainer

“My horses have been on Immun-Ocean Gastro since the beginning of the 2015 season. I am thrilled with the way they have maintained their condition and form.”

Michael Bell – Racehorse Trainer

Martin Keighley - Racehorse Trainer

“We have been using Immun-Ocean Gastro Race for a few months and our horses look fantastic and are keeping their condition throughout their work and after their races too. What we find most exciting though is that they are retaining their form so well this season and I’m sure that Immun-Ocean plays an important part in this by helping keep them healthy and well.”

Martin Keighley – Racehorse Trainer

Warren Greatrex - Racehorce trainer

“We started using Immun-Ocean’s Gastro Race supplement in August this year.  We are having great results and find the horses to be really taking their work and thriving. Even at this time of the season (February), they are keeping their condition and continuing to run well. We are very much looking forward to the big race festivals this year”.

“Pro-Globin makes a real difference. A great pick me up. Before we ran La Bague au Roi at Ascot in a Grade 2 race, she had a course of the Pro-Globin Blood Tonic and she won the race by 16 lengths, recording her best ever rating. I believe it works.”


Lydia Hannon - International Eventer

“My first priority is horses health so I feed them all Immun-Ocean Gastro Race.”

Mick Appleby

Francesca Nimmo - Racehorse Trainer

“Since putting our horses on Immun-Ocean Gastro Race we are really pleased with their general health and well being. They have run well all season and they all look great in their coats and overall condition.”

Francesca Nimmo – Racehorse Trainer

Francesca Nimmo - Racehorse Trainer

“My horses look great on Immun-Ocean and they take their racing well on it, so I can run them from race to race. I keep it simple and Immun-Ocean is the only supplement I use as it keeps them healthy and happy.”

Denise O’Shea

Francesca Nimmo - Racehorse Trainer

“We have had our foals and yearlings on Start Right and Gastro for the last two years and they look well, have a calm attitude and have been selling well. We are so pleased with the results that we have seen with Immun-Ocean that we have also started our mares on Breeders Blend.”

Helen Jones, Ballyhimikin Stud

Camilla Speirs - International eventer

“I have been using Immun-Ocean for over a year.  I know that I am riding extremely healthy, happy horses”.


Lydia Hannon - International Eventer

“I have been feeding all of our horses the Immun-Ocean Gastro product for a couple of years now. I have always been wary of introducing new supplements, but after seeing the positive results the Immun-Ocean Gastro product has had within the racing world, I wanted to give it a chance.

The horses, within a couple of weeks, developed a really healthy shine to their coats and looked better within themselves.

They started working with a much more relaxed attitude, especially the horses which are more prone to be stressed.

They are feeling fitter, recovering quicker and performing to higher standards, and I truly believe that the natural goodness within Immun-Ocean Gastro has had a large contribution to these outcomes.

Immun-Ocean is now a major part of maintaining our horses’ well-being and I would recommend the KSB Products to anyone looking to promote and improve the performance and happiness of their horses. It is a must!”

Lydia Hannon – International Eventer

Ian Stark

“We have an 8 year old who looked a bit flat in his coat and down in his general condition. We put him on Immun-Ocean Gastro and he bounced back, he looks great and he is now performing well in his dressage and show jumping. He looks completely different and he has freshened up and his coat looks gleaming. He was actually quite grumpy in the stable and he is now more amenable.

I believe that since he has been taking the Gastro supplement my horse has thrived and changed beyond all recognition.”

Ian Stark – International Eventer

Emma Forsyth - International Eventer

“I tried my top event horse Soltair Justice on Immun-Ocean Gastro. I was so pleased with his improvement, I swiftly put my whole yard of horses on it.”

Emma Forsyth – International Eventer

Bert Bolton - International Event Rider

“Since adding Immun-Ocean Gastro to their diets, my horses all look and feel fabulous, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.”

Bert Bolton – International Event Rider

Stacey Cook

“My yearling colt Ninova who’s been on Start Right leading up to the BEF Futurity which he scored a Higher First of 8.60 in the Show Jumping section. Looking fab thanks to Immun Ocean.”

Stacey Cook

Stacey Cook

“We have been extremely happy with the Immun-Ocean Start Right for all our yearlings and now we have the mares and foals on the Breeders Blend.  The barren and dry mare’s cycles have been good and the foaling mares look fantastic.  The foals are really thriving”.

Ballyhimikin Stud

“Immun-Ocean Gastro is fantastic to maintain condition and without doubt improves performance.”

Harry Kelly, Irish racehorse trainer

“I have had my horses on Immun-Ocean Perform for a few months now and the change in the horses is amazing, they are much more willing to work with extended focus with improved top line.

I have had my horses on several supplements before and now I only need this one which does it all.  I am thrilled with the results”.

Lara Mason, Head Groom to a yard of Hunters and Eventers

“Since we put Barney on the Immun-Ocean Perform, it has greatly improved Barney’s overall conditioning as well as him now being very calm and easy going – I am very happy with the product!”

Ben Patrick

“Like all my horses, Big Orange is fed Immun-Ocean Gastro Race every day.
It keeps him healthy and ready to perform at his best”.

Mike Bell - Racehorse trainer

“Hi Kim,  I was talking to you at the Tattersalls horse show just over 2 weeks ago because I was looking for a new supplement for my 22 year old mare.  She had colic and it wasn’t passing and you recommended Immun-Ocean Pure and I’m delighted with it!

The colic passed within 2 – 3 days of feeding it and it hasn’t returned.  She is normally quite fussy when it comes to new foods or supplements but she loves the seaweed flavour.  We had some difficulties getting her to drink enough water when the colic first arrived but I think the saltiness of the seaweed is making her drink more which is great.  Thankfully she’s in much better form now and the vet was surprised at her condition.  Thank you for your help!”.

Alice McGuigan

“I bought the Immun-Ocean Perform for our old showjumping pony at Badminton. Wow what a difference, we were thinking about retiring him and just wanted to get him to Hickstead . Never been lame, sick or sorry, just 26 years old. He is no longer retiring and hopefully will do 1 last year in juniors with us.

I also bought the blood booster and that is also fabulous.  I will Order more today.

Thank you for bringing your product to my attention have been singing your praises to anybody who will listen and even those that won’t.”

Lindsay Opperman

“I was recommended Gastro by my Instructor after my horse had issues with being mounted and ridden.  It has totally transformed my ex racer into a calm concentrated horse who loves his work and his condition is amazing now.”

Samii Muirhead

“It has made a huge difference with our 8 year old thoroughbred gelding, I have tried just about every supplement to help his digestive tract. Not only is his manure quality finally normal but his attitude has changed dramatically! He is much happier and more rideable.”

Randa Sorzano Miami, Florida

“After a course of Breeders Blend, our 2 mares are in foal and looking really healthy.”

Ballymoney Stud Claire McDonnell, Breeder

“When I was putting a saddle on my horse, Parys, I noticed her flinching, putting her ears back and stamping. I have tried other supplements previously but with no results.

After being introduced to Immun-Ocean Pure, I started using the product and within 2 weeks I noticed a difference, I had no problems when saddling up and no stamping or distressed horse.

I recommend this supplement as it has changed Parys’ life! I now have a happy horse.”

Victoria Rogers

Since my horses have been on the Immun-Ocean Pure, I have noticed a big improvement in their overall well being and their condition. They look fabulous and their coats are gleaming.

I can fully recommend this supplement.”

Katja Stemmler


A recent trial at University College Cork evidenced that the macroalgae components found in Immun-Ocean products were shown to have significant benefits for healthy joint function in performance horses.

Investigation by the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, UK highlighted the significant nutritional benefits of feeding macro algae products for helping to maintain gastric mucosal integrity in horses supporting gastric health and overall wellbeing in equines.