Pro-Globin Plus Blood Tonic


Size: 1 litre
One bottle is a 20 day course


Pro-Globin Plus, the ultimate Blood Tonic is a nutritional blend of all-natural vital ingredients.  It is specially formulated to provide optimal well-being and vitality for the modern performance horse.

Pro-Globin Plus is an effective appetiser and feed supplement recommended for use as a dietary additive during training, racing, pregnancy, nursing and convalescence.

Pro-Globin Plus contains scientifically selected natural iron and protein in a high energy syrup base.

The key ingredient Vitamin B12 is known to help with symptoms of fatigue, muscle ache, muscle weakness, joint pain and poor appetite.


Perfect ForBenefitsResults
High performance horsesMaintaining energy levelsImproved energy
Nursing maresHeart healthImproved recovery time
Convalescing horsesProduction of red blood cellsMaintain nutrient balance

Pro Globin Plus blood tonic for horses

Feeding Information

25ml twice daily for a 20 or 40 day course.
One bottle is a 20 day course.



“Pro-Globin makes a real difference. A great pick me up. Before we ran La Bague au Roi at Ascot in a Grade 2 race, she had a course of the Pro-Globin Blood Tonic and she won the race by 16 lengths, recording her best ever rating.  I believe it works.”


“After becoming a total Immun-Ocean convert, I went back to KSB Equine to trial the product, Pro-Globin Ultimate Blood Tonic.

The first time I used it was during the build up to Blenheim and I can happily say that both horses felt on the top of their game all week and recovered more quickly than they ever have before.

Out of habit I always give the horses some sort of metabolic supplement during times of increased workload as I want them peaking and feeling their best. As the season is getting longer and longer it is all the more important to keep the horses enthusiasm and well-being as the primary aim.

The natural nutritional components of Blood Tonic is a perfect and easy way to make sure that our horses are never lacking any essential nutrients or amino acids. Even the fussy horses like it!

This is an equine Barocca! It’s great stuff.”


“Our 6 year old mare was very run down and she had a 20 day course of Immun-Ocean Pro-Globin Blood Tonic and she started to pick up and has thrived ever since.  Pro-Globin turned the corner for her.”


“Our 19 year old retired thoroughbred had a nasty cold and was really run down and losing weight and I was just about to have him blood tested. I was told about the Pro-Globin Blood Tonic and I decided to put him on it as well as the Immun-Ocean Pure and within 3 – 4 days, I noticed he was back bucking, squealing and feeling much better in himself.”


“I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Pro-Globin from the start and have been using the product on different types of horses.

Starting with a healthy but rather reluctant Racehorse the Trainer could not believe the difference in attitude towards his work. He built up his workload with great ease and far more enthusiasm.

As I got as enthusiastic as the horse I have been using Pro-Globin in several patients ranging from a broodmare which had a very difficult foaling which left her weak in her backend to an middle aged Leisure horse who was lethargic and unwilling to do his job. We could see the broodmare improve within a week only with the help of Pro-Globin.
The leisure horse improved very quickly not only in demeanour but his blood results improved with it. Red blood cells and muscle enzymes improved over a period of 6 weeks.

I will continue using Pro-Globin not only for Competition Horses to improve their fitness level but also for patients.

My experience with Pro-Globin is very encouraging and I am looking forward to my next success story.”


“This is a fantastic product it has done wonders for my little pony!”


“Polly our English pointer who is 13 years old was off her food and really unwell so we put her on the Pro-Globin Blood Tonic and within 2 days we saw that she was back to 100 percent. She is now back to her normal, happy self and really well. I cannot recommend it more.”


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Contents per litre

Protein 100g, Total Carbohydrates 550g, Folic Acid 250mg, Vitamin B12 4.0mg, Iron 250mg, Calcium 40mg, Sodium 3.3g

Amino Acids (grams per litre)

Alaine 7.6, Arginine 4.0, Aspartic Acid 11.2, Cystine 0.5, Glutamic Acid 8.2, Glycine 4.7, Histidine 7.4, Isolucine 0.3, Leucine 13.1, Lysine 8.8, Methionine 0.8, Phenylalanine 7.0, Proline 3.7, Serine 4.3, Threonine 3.5, Tryptophan 1.1, Tyrosine 1.9, Valine 9.0