KSB Equine spent 5 long and happy days at the Badminton Horse Trials in the World of the Horse stand, where we were exhibiting the Immun-Ocean range of natural seaweed products.  One product in particular, Immun-Ocean Gastro generated a lot of interest as there was a general all round concern from a lot of people about horses with gastric issues and in particular gastric ulcers.

We heard quite a few times comments along the lines of ” oh look there is that Gastro stuff that is great for horses digestion!”

Immun-Ocean Pure was a topic of many discussions with the seaweed and garlic mixture being generally considered a huge help to boosting coat condition and the overall support of the horse’s immune system.

We ran a competition to win a Lemieux numnah for the duration of Badminton, which was very popular and helped us establish a new following on Instagram and Face Book.  We also gave away branded free feed stirrers with each order which were received with smiles as they are very useful for mixing supplements in to the feed..

Pro-Globin the ultimate blood tonic was launched at the show and received a lot of interest.  It is a nutritional blend of all-natural vital ingredients.  It is specially formulated to provide optimal well-being and vitality for the modern performance horse. Pro-Globin is an effective appertiser and feed supplement recommended for use as a dietary additive during training, racing, pregnancy, nursing and convalescence.  Pro-Globin contains scientifically selected natural iron and protein in a high energy syrup base.  We look forward to launching this innovative new product to the UK market in the forthcoming months.

The key ingredient Vitamin B12 is known to help with symptoms of fatigue, muscle ache, muscle weakness, joint pain and poor appetite.


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