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Why Immun-Ocean Gastro should be part of your horse’s everyday diet.

KSB Equine believes that nutrition and maintaining a balanced gut is one of the largest and most important pieces of the jigsaw when it comes to having a healthy horse. It is now widely acknowledged in humans that the gut is a ’second brain,’ with a healthy gut leading to improved overall health and happiness. Why would horses be any different?

KSB Equine formulates Immun-Ocean products which are 100% natural Irish feed supplements, comprising Ascophyllunm Nodosum and Lithothamnium Corrallioides macro algae. Created specifically with different disciplines in mind, Immun-Ocean comes in seven different unique macro algae blends; PURE, PLUS, BREEDERS BLEND, START RIGHT, GASTRO, GASTRO RACE and PRO-GLOBIN. Each individual blend provides a balanced mix of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants which, when supplemented to horses really boost and promote a healthy immune system and gut environment.

The Immun-Ocean Gastro product is particularly popular in the Eventing world. Its macro algae combination is rich in calcium and magnesium in addition to over 70 minerals. International Event Rider, Lydia Hannon who has her entire yard on Immun-Ocean Gastro said; ‘we expect our horses to be athletes and so we must treat them as such. When it comes to the healthy condition of a horse it is vital to get the basics right; you then have a strong foundation to build on. A daily dose of Gastro has without doubt helped to keep my horses free from colds, bad tummies and skin problems. They maintain their weight well, look bright in the eye and their coats look fantastic all year round.’

The nutritional benefits that Gastro provides has proved to have the following results:
– Reduced stress
– Improved digestion, intestinal functions and immunity through its pre-biotic and pro-biotic qualities
– Reduced inflammation and joint support, due to the naturally produced MSM in the macro algae
– Improved brain health and concentration levels
– Gastric buffering properties that aid horses suffering from gastric ulcers. The sponge like structure of the Lithothamnium Corrallioides helps maintain the gastric mucosa membrane of the stomach. This membrane can be easily depleted, particularly in horses fed on high levels of concentrates.
– Increased bone turnover, thanks to organically high levels of calcium

Immun-Ocean products are hand harvested from sustainable beds off the North Atlantic coastline. Backed by science, the macro algae is slow dried at low temperatures so that the algae can retain its bioactivity and all the valuable nutrients naturally found in the fresh product. Excess iodine is extracted to ensure that the correct daily dietary levels for the average horse are maintained.

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