KSB Equine believes that the development and prepping of foals starts from conception.

The Immun-Ocean range are 100% natural Irish feed supplements, comprising of Ascophyllum Nodosum and Lithothamnium Corrallioides macro algae. These products contain over 70 different minerals which when supplemented to mares and foals promote a healthy immune system and gut environment with strong bone growth.

Immun-Ocean Breeder’s blend is specifically formulated to support the overall well being of the mare, alongside healthy foetal development. It has also been proven to improve a mare’s milk quality and give foals a healthy gut flora at birth.

Breeders Blend contains organic flax seed oil which provides an excellent source of Omega 3s ALA, EPA and DHA. These omega 3s are vital for supporting the healthy development of the foetal brain, eye and nervous system. In addition they help ensure a healthy birth weight, gestational length and foetal immune system. For the mares they are an excellent fertility boost when returning to stud.

Start Right is designed for foals and young stock to the age of 3. It’s macro algae blend provides a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals including correct levels of calcium and magnesium. These support; skeletal development and bone strength, a healthy metabolism, strong hooves, balanced gut flora, calm foals and young horses, robust joints and athletic mobility.

Helen Jones from Ballyhimikin Stud said, “We have been extremely happy with the Immun-Ocean Start Right for our yearlings. Our mares and foals are on Breeders Blend. The barren and dry mare’s cycles have been good and the foaling mares look fantastic. All our mares and young stock are really thriving”.

Immun-Ocean macro algae is slow dried at low temperatures in order to retain all the valuable nutrients naturally found in the fresh product. Excess iodine is extracted to ensure that mares and foals are receiving their correct daily dietary levels.