Pro-Globin blood tonic for horses

Pro-Globin Blood Tonic


Size: 1 litre
One bottle is a 20 day course

Product Description

Pro-Globin, the ultimate Blood Tonic is a nutritional blend of all-natural vital ingredients.  It is specially formulated to provide optimal well-being and vitality for the modern performance horse.

Pro-Globin is an effective appertiser and feed supplement recommended for use as a dietary additive during training, racing, pregnancy, nursing and convalescence.

Pro-Globin contains scientifically selected natural iron and protein in a high energy syrup base.

The key ingredient Vitamin B12 is known to help with symptoms of fatigue, muscle ache, muscle weakness, joint pain and poor appetite.


Perfect ForBenefitsResults
High performance horsesMaintaining energy levelsImproved energy
Nursing maresHeart healthImproved recovery time
Convalescing horsesProduction of red blood cellsMaintain nutrient balance

Pro-Globin blood tonic



Feeding Information

25ml twice daily for a 20 or 40 day course.
One bottle is a 20 day course.



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Contents per 100ml

Protein 10% w/v, Total Carbohydrates 55% w/v, Iron 25mg/100ml, Calcium 4mg/100ml, Sodium 330mg/100ml, Folic Acid 27mg/100ml, Vitamin B12 480mcg/100ml.

Amino Acids % w/v

Alanine 0.85, Arginine 0.41, Phenylalanine 0.69, Glutamic Acid 0.84, Isoleucine 0.06, Lysine 0.88, Proline 0.32, Threonine 0.34, Tyrosine 0.22, Aspargic 1.14, Cystine 0.07, Glycine 0.46, Histidine 0.71, Leucine 1.31, Methlenine 0.08, Serline 0.42, Trytophane 0.12, Valine 0.95.